A 22-year-old woman from Australia survived with relatively minor injuries after her bungee cord snapped and she plunged into a crocodile-infested river in Zimbabwe.

Video of the terrifying drop surfaced Monday. It shows Erin Langworthy jumping off a platform toward the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls. Just when the bungee cord was supposed to pull the woman back up, it snapped and she fell into the water.

Langworthy told news outlets that she then had to fight the water currents in the river with her legs still strapped to the cord. She managed to swim to the river bank, where she was later rescued.

According to ABC News, Langworthy spent a week in the hospital with a fractured collar bone and cuts and bruises to her legs and arms. She is also still recovering from damage to her lungs, which has delayed her return home to Australia.

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