Lynnsie Elam's University of Oklahoma playing career might be complete, but that does not mean her softball career is over.

According to an announcement from a professional softball organization, Elam now gets to continue her softball career. The Florida Vibe announced that Elam signed with the organization to continue her softball career.

According to the organization's website, the formation of the organization was announced in 2021. The season is scheduled to start June 15, and the organization's website states there will be plenty of talent.

The Vibe will be represented by some of the greatest professional talent the sport can offer,” the website states. “With a professional atmosphere and attitude, the Florida Vibe seeks to inspire both young and old fans to come support the organization, its purpose and players.”

Elam is coming off an Oklahoma career that saw her be the team's captain for multiple seasons, and her career ended with back-to-back national championships.

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