Busch Stadium hosts a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Busch Stadium — home of the St. Louis Cardinals — for a couple of games.

It was not my first trip to the stadium. I was also lucky enough to go and watch the Cardinals play last season while on vacation.

Growing up, the Cardinals were always the team I enjoyed the most. 

Over the course of my vacation and watching St. Louis games, I learned something new. There is nothing quite like watching a Major League Baseball game in person.

While a fan of most sports, I’ve struggled with MLB — at least for a portion of the regular season — throughout the years. The All-Star break is usually the time when I start giving almost full attention.

Watching a game in person is fantastic, and as I said before, there is nothing like it.

A part of what makes the experience great is the setting. That is one thing I have noticed when watching games on television. A lot of parks just have something memorable that stands out about them.

For me, the backdrop of Busch Stadium stadium is simply remarkable. Watching a game on a sunny day with the Gateway Arch in the background is just a cool experience.

There is also Ballpark Village right across the street, providing fans of either team a place to eat, sit and just have fun before heading to watch the game.

Fenway Park has the Green Monster. Wrigley Field has the ivory.

There is something different and special about these places that is cool to see in person. It could be a standout feature or just the history.

And then you have the atmosphere.

Yes, atmospheres tend to be much better at sporting events. But somehow, baseball took things to another level.

Throughout each game I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, sometimes rewarded with a home run, and sometimes I was rewarded with an out.

The second game that I went to this year was against the Atlanta Braves. It was a 0-0 game throughout most of the nine innings, and you could feel the importance of each pitch and each at-bat.

You could hear the anxiety from the crowd when the ball came off of the bat and then the groans when it was just an out.

For me, there was something that was just different compared to any other sporting event that I have been to. It is definitely not the same as going to an Oklahoma football game.

Some of that is the fact that at a baseball game, you have more opportunities to sit down. I found it to be a much more comfortable experience compared to a football game.

Busch Stadium is truly a remarkable place to be, and trips to more stadiums might be on the table for the future. It was much more than just a place where you can watch a baseball game. It was a teacher, and I was the student learning new things.

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