Minco's defense was on display.

In a low-scoring game against Mooreland on Friday, Minco's defense got enough stops. And the offense did enough in Minco, scoring 14 points in the first half of a 14-6 win.

While the offense did enough, the defense dominated for a majority of the game. Mooreland had the one scoring drive, but the Bulldogs stepped up on that side of the ball every other time the Bearcats tried to put a scoring drive together.

The Bearcats turned the ball over six times, matching their point total for the game. Mooreland turned the ball over on its first four possessions of the game, and two of those turnovers led to touchdown drives from the Minco offense.

Minco's first scoring drive came after a Mooreland fumble, and the team's rushing attack led the way on the drive. Jake Carruth finished the drive with a 16-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

One of Mooreland's best drives came after Minco's first touchdown but ended in a turnover. The Bearcats got near the end zone before losing the ball, and Minco took advantage of another turnover.

Minco's second touchdown of the game came through the air.

Klayton Hughes ended the game with more than 100 receiving yards for the Bulldogs, and most of those came on a 98-yard touchdown. Minco quarterback Reed McMurtrey found Hughes breaking free from the defense, and he got to the end zone for the team's final touchdown of the game in the second quarter.

Mooreland was able to score a touchdown in the second quarter, but the Bearcats were stuck at six the rest of the game. Minco's 14-6 lead at halftime held firm in the second half.

Minco's defense was able to stand tall in the final two quarters, and the offense was able to take time off the clock when it needed to.

Mooreland was pretty deep in Minco territory when it turned the ball over a fifth time. Ashton Taylor broke through to the backfield and caused the ball to pop up in the air and land in the arms of Aden Brummell.

Mooreland only had the ball two more times after the fifth turnover. Mooreland's final offensive possession resulted in Ben Burchfield's second interception of the game.

The Bulldogs sit at 2-0 on the season, and they will host Boone-Apache on Friday.

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