A recent partnership has helped the Chickasha Sports Complex receive some new additions.

Due to a partnership between Chickasha and Youth Scoreboards, six new scoreboards were recently built at the Chickasha Sports Complex. Involved with the company is former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer.

According to Chickasha City Manager John Noblitt, the complex was having issues with the old scoreboards, which could have cost around $9,000 per board to replace. However, the city was able to save money by partnering with the company.

“Youth Scoreboards agreed to come in and replace six of those boards,” Noblitt said. “If everything goes well, we’ll probably partner for the remainder of the fields.”

The company’s big request for replacing the scoreboards at the complex was that it is the “exclusive advertising agent.”

Noblitt added more to the advertising aspect of things.

“What they do is they sell the static ads and the advertising on that board. After we have met our initial obligation, we receive a portion of that advertising,” Noblitt said.

Noblitt added that the scoreboards and partnership will be a benefit going forward, and even more revenue can be brought in while helping the complex be ran in an efficient manner, which is always the goal.

“Long term, it was very good for us. We were out zero cost on putting the scoreboards up that we couldn’t have afforded to do on our own, and then we have the long-term ability to generate a little bit of revenue out there off those boards,” he said. “We still have a lot of cost that goes to the maintenance of those fields and the operations in the complex. Things like this help us offset those costs. That’s what makes this partnership really good for us.”

Noblitt also believes the complex is an important feature of Chickasha, not just because of the tournaments and events that are brought in, but also because of the opportunities the city wants to provide.

He talked about the importance of the complex, and how it is the city’s goal to make sure everyone who wants to play a sport is included. 

He also talked about Switzer and how he acknowledges the importance of youth sports.

“It (the complex) is a crown jewel for us,” he said. “Coach Switzer has always been an advocate of youth sports. … He understands the importance of athletics and teams for youth coming up.”

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