Lawton Tomlinson denied Chickasha’s seventh-graders a perfect season Tuesday with a 30-14 road win in their last game of the year.

Chickasha was outsized inside and couldn’t handle Lawton tailback Darius Haliburton, who finished with approximately 250 all-purpose yards and scored all four of the visitors’ touchdowns and 28 of their 30 points.

Tomlinson totally dominated the first half for a 22-0 lead at intermission. Chickasha responded with an excellent second half, actually winning it 14-8, but the first-half hole they dug themselves into was too much to overcome.

The game got off to a bad start when Haliburton returned the opening kickoff 70 yards for a touchdown then ran the two-point conversion himself.

After Chickasha stalled out at the fifty to open the second quarter, Lawton took over on downs and gave the ball to Haliburton, who ran it to the Chick 34 then ran it the rest of the way on the next play for a 14-0 lead.

A Chick fumble gave the ball back to the Wolves, Haliburton ran it 23 yards then took a pitch for twelve more yards and another touchdown. Quarterback Colin Lopes ran the keeper for the deuce and a 22-0 halftime lead.

Lawton tried an onside kick to start the second half but Chickasha covered the ball at the fifty. Facing a fourth and fourteen at the Lawton 33, quarterback Brant Haile dumped the ball to Rashad Garrett with a little swing pass and Garrett broke two tackles to get the Chicks on the scoreboard.

Haliburton answered as the fourth quarter got under way, breaking a draw play from the Chickasha 41 for his fourth touchdown and running the deuce for a 30-8 lead.

Tailback Ronnie Polk, who finished with approximately 170 all-purpose yards for the game, showed some of his stuff on the Chicks’ final drive, getting around the right corner on a pitch then turning upfield for 47 yards and a touchdown. The two failed and Lawton led 30-14 with five minutes left.

Darian Riley almost broke the kickoff, picking up about 45 yards to set Tom up on the Chick 44. They started feeding Haliburton again, letting him run the clock down for the win and ending their season at 6-2.

Chickasha Seven lost their bid for the perfect season but finished with a 7-1 record.

“We didn’t go undefeated but if there was a district championship for seventh-grade, we’d have won it,” coach Aaron South said with a smile later.

“We were a little outmatched in some areas of the game but we came back out and won the second half. That showed a lot of guts to do that.

“These guys are a very good seventh grade football team. If they stick together they’ll be a good group all the way through school. We’re really proud of them.”

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