The University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma men’s basketball team bounced back from a loss and earned a conference win.

In a Sooner Athletic Conference matchup that featured multiple momentum swings, the Drovers had the last laugh in Wednesday’s game. Science & Arts — ranked 16th in the NAIA — battled Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Drovers led by double digits in both halves, but they also trailed the Rams by seven points in the game and trailed by six at halftime. Four Science & Arts players scored double-digit points, and the Drovers picked up an 84-76 victory over their opponent.

Texas Wesleyan held a 57-50 advantage in the second half before Science & Arts went on a long scoring run. The Drovers rattled off 13 points in a row to go up six points, and they outscored their opponent 34-19 after going down 57-50.

Cameron Hines tied the game at the free-throw line, and Rudy Pittman added two more points to the scoreboard to give the Drovers the lead for good. The Drovers then extended that lead to double digits before winning by eight points in conference play.

The Drovers had a better finish to the game and a better start to the game against Texas Wesleyan. Science & Arts jumped out to a 20-8 lead over its opponent.

But Texas Wesleyan fought back and never made things easy. Despite falling behind 20-8, Texas Wesleyan held a 37-31 lead at halftime before Science & Arts fought back.

Hines led the way for the Drovers. He scored 13 of his 20 points in the second half and tied with Texas Wesleyan’s Vydal Bradford for the most points in the game.

Science & Arts’ Stephon Hall ended the game with 18 points, and he scored 11 of those points in the second half.

Gerard Makuntae recorded a double-double for the Drovers, finishing the game with 15 points and 10 rebounds. Trenton Sandifer scored 10 points for the Drovers.

The Drovers moved to 9-3 on the season with the victory. They are now 4-1 in SAC play.

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