I enter this week with a few less Facebook friends than before.

Not that this particular social media platform is all that important anymore. Frankly, it's turned into 90 percent nonsense, with the rest made up of people I genuinely care about and video clips of cute animals.

But that's the best way to describe my feelings about the reaction to same sex marriage extending nationwide following a Supreme Court ruling last week. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing, but when that disagreement transitions to hatred, I want nothing to do with such a person.

And just like I can choose to eliminate those views from by Facebook world, you, as a free-thinking member of the United States, may continue to believe that gay marriage is wrong.

You may continue to believe that the entire LGBT lifestyle is wrong. That wasn't on trial. 

What the Supreme Court ruled is that the Constitution prevents those views, regardless of how deeply rooted they are in religious truths, from being used to restrict someone else's freedom. 

Because there's no denying that homosexuality is a sin. It's very clear in the Bible, and no one can argue that. What someone can argue is that a Bible verse does not, in itself, create law in a democracy.

The laws that we have were devised from various religious beliefs and rulings, but the Founding Fathers knew that religion could not be the exclusive source of law. After all, many colonists came to America initially to escape religious persecution.

But in the wake of the same-sex marriage ruling, I have seen "freedom of religion" twisted in so many different ways that it makes me wonder what exact Constitution some want to uphold. After all, the First Amendment also prohibits a law that "respects the establishment of religion."

So just for fun, let's take what freedom of religion has been turned into recently and see what laws we can't come up with based on The Ten Commandments alone.

1) You shall have no other gods before Me - Well, Constitutionally we're already in trouble. Certainly as a Christian, there is only one God; but as an American, I have the freedom to worship the god of my choice, or no god at all. So this one would just totally throw out the First Amendment

2) You shall not make idols - Say goodbye to that nice shiny car in the driveway, lest a government official should think you're giving it a bit too much attention. In this case, we might also want to tone down our love of college football, the Sooners, Cowboys, and all of that. Anything that can be put before God, even for a moment, is under threat.

3) You shall not take the name of God in vain - Admittedly, I curse too much. So a law about this would probably be helpful for me. However, it would also interfere with freedom of speech. 

4) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy - I know back in the day, a lot of shops closed down on Sunday. I'd be OK with this since it means we all get a relaxing end to the weekend, no work to do at all. Then again, I'd hate it the moment I realized there was nothing to eat at the house and no place was open.

5) Honor your father and your mother - We should do this anyways, but a law about this really complicates life. Suddenly you need parents' permission for things like who to marry, what to study, the job you take, and maybe even where you live. You could also end up having arranged marriages derived from this law, so I hope you really trust your parents' judgment.

6) You shall not murder - We've already hit this on the head, and it's pretty straightforward. Probably in everyone's best interest that it's not OK for others to go around killing whoever.

7) You shall not commit adultery - This one's fun. I believe the Bible also isn't too keen on divorce, so does getting re-married then also constitute adultery? Islamic sharia law covers this, maybe we could do it that way. Everyone, stock up on your stones!

8) You shall not steal - Similar to the one covering murder, this is pretty self-explanatory.

9) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor - Imagine a country where no one could lie about anything ever. We'd all hate each other.

10) You shall not covet - This pretty much bans all advertising. "Want this? Want that? Want it all?" Nope, sorry. Not allowed. And isn't the American dream to work your way up, achieve your dream of a better house, a better car, and a wealthy dive into retirement? Well, you had better not want that.

As you can see, our lives become very different even with just the major commandments that would be interpreted by man and become law. In addition, there are more than 600 commandments in the Bible. 

Probably best that we don't take those all literally, especially the one about a rapist having to marry his victim if she is not already married.

My point is, there's a balance to be struck in a nation where we are free from government-enforced religious persecution. Some of you may like the idea of America becoming a Christian theocracy and totally outlawing gay marriage, but I bet you wouldn't enjoy all of the extra stuff.

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