Jim Cowan

This Sunday our country will celebrate Father’s Day. Families will get together for cook outs or go to their favorite restaurant to celebrate the role “Dad” has played on their lives, but what about the impact “Dads” have had on our community?

When you look around Chickasha, there are so many examples of local businesses that were started by a Dad and now they are managed by second or third generation family members trying to honor that original vision that their Dad or Granddad started many years ago. There are so many examples of this, I won’t try to name them in fear of leaving someone out, but just think about our local businesses and think about the examples in: manufacturing, retail, automotive, restaurants, insurance, services and others.

Family businesses have been around for generations and are a huge boost for our local economy by providing jobs and generating much needed sales tax, but their impact is so much more than those economic metrics. Chickasha was built by Dads that believed in creating a strong community that their kids and grandkids could grow up in and prosper. They built a loyal community where you help each other and try to make it better for generations to come.

 My Dad saw the good in everyone, but especially in young people.  He believed in the importance of helping high school students grow and follow their dreams. Whether those dreams were in college or in learning a trade, he had a passion for inspiring them to succeed. He worked with business leaders in the community and helped place student in jobs, believing that those high school students were the future of Chickasha. He received national recognition for growing the VICA program in the sixties and seventies. In his career he was a teacher, coach, drivers ed instructor, adult education instructor, VICA instructor and a high school administrator, but his passion was inspiring young people. That was his “Job”. John Cowan, like the other Dads in Chickasha in the sixties, seventies and eighties, wanted the future City of Chickasha to be better than the one he lived in. 

My Dad went to heaven within weeks after I graduated from College, but to this day he still inspires me to follow my dream. Now that I’m back in Chickasha,  I hope to play a role in leading our community to follow our dreams, that’s MY job and that is definitely #TheGoodStuff. 

Happy Father’s Day to ALL our Chickasha Dads!

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