Jim Cowan

It’s not every day you see a fiberglass leg lamp traveling down 4th street and Chickasha avenue, but that was certainly the case today. The leg lamp was made right here by Midwest Cooling Towers and transported to the new Downtown Park and erected on a steel pole. If you are active on social media, you have probably seen videos or pictures by now. There is still painting and priming to be done, as well as the lamp shade prepared and put on, but today was a major step forward for the grand opening of phase 1 of the new Downtown Park.

As a reminder, this project is being done by the Chickasha Community Foundation with help from the Chickasha EDC. Donations from local citizens and businesses are funding the park , with 1.4 Million raised for the first phase.  In 2020, Tim Elliott’s dream of a Leg Lamp became an internet sensation and was shared with NBC affiliates all over the United States. The inflatable Chickasha Leg Lamp was the feature story in the London Daily Mail on Christmas Day, 2020 and was also featured in an international forum on creativity that originated in Tokyo. 

Whether you think this is a cool idea or not, it became a reality when a Chickasha resident, Nolan James, claimed in his obituary to have invented the first leg lamp when he was a professor of Art at OU decades ago. His original leg lamp is still here locally and may be on display this holiday season. Nolan James was part of the original group of volunteers that started the Festival of Light and now 30 years later, I think we all agree that the committees BIG dreams have benefitted our Community for decades and have literally brought millions of visitors to town.

One of the criticisms I heard about Chickasha before I moved back home two years ago was that we talked about doing things, but nothing ever got done. Today was a milestone that I hope helps us to remove self-limiting beliefs. We have to continue to invest in ourselves and believe that we can do anything. As our culture changes positively, amazing things are going to happen. On November 5th, we will open phase 1 of the Park and let everyone see what determination looks like. It’s going to be Fun in Chickasha this holiday season and besides Christmas Cheer, we will also be full of #TheGoodStuff!

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