Retractions and corrections are the bane of any editor's existence. 

They are, of course a reality though. Newspapers start each day at zero and attempt to produce the most error free product possible. 

Obviously this doesn't always work out. That's the thing when you're chasing perfection, you'll never achieve it. 

This week we had to issue a correction on an article we printed in Tuesday's edition. It was a name mismatch that caused the issue, we printed the correction and moved on. 

We got a portion of that story wrong and we admit it. 

Cities, and governmental agencies in general face the same sort of dilemma as news papers. Decisions must be made, then they must be enforced. These choices are not always popular and almost anything can be politicized and used for gain or controversy. 

It's a rare day that a city will go back on a decision. However, just like the news business, it's vastly important mistakes are corrected. 

This week the city returned citizen Mark Trammell's colony of bees after taking the insects from private property five months ago. Trammell worked out a deal to regain control of his pollinators and now the bugs reside a mere two blocks from city hall. 

I had the privilege of writing this story, and I can say with all honesty that it was a joy. Occasions where we get to point out that the city, and a resident were able to find common ground are few and far between. But this week I was afforded that opportunity. 

I've spent almost three years working for this paper and our most common complaint is about corruption in city government; nothing specific, just generalized corruption. The water, a mobile home park and the roads are hot button issues, and it's rare the citizens and the city find a happy medium. 

That was not the case this week. 

My hat's off to the city. I'm not saying they admitted they were wrong about something, but they worked with a citizen to resolve an issue, and that's exactly what government is supposed to do. 

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