With October approaching we could not be more happy about the Chickasha Art Center's fund raiser for the Woman's Imaging Center in Chickasha. 

Set up as a workshop, Carrie Chavers has devised a fun and informative event that will aid the minds of attendees, but also has the potential to help the physical well being of so many impacted by breast cancer. "Petals," as the workshop is called, is a fantastic way for our local citizens to expand their artistic abilities while contributing to an amazing cause. Chavers has established herself as a solid art instructor thanks to her many Paint on Canvas workshops.

Attendees of the Sept. 16 workshop at the Chickasha Art Center will have a pre-outlined canvas waiting for them, and will be able to choose their own color scheme for painting. 

We commend Chavers for organizing this incredible event. It's easy to look over unique events like "Petals" due to the ever increasing press and influence breast cancer has on our lives. That's why it's vastly important people like Chavers continue to strive to do more, because there will always be room for events geared toward battling breast cancer until the disease is eradicated. 

With that in mind, we hope Chavers continues to organize events like "Petals" and would love to see others in our communities follow her lead.


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