If you know me, then you know my internal clock is essentially based on the soccer calendar.

It rules my weekend mornings and sometimes drives me to arrange my weekly schedule so I'm in the office on certain afternoons. That doesn't always work, but we can't keep to itineraries all of the time.

So if my calendar is correct, 2015 should be pretty awesome because it's a post-World Cup year.

After Germany 2006, I capitalized on the increased freedom from being able to drive, I did very well in my classes, and the Summer 2007 family trip to Cancun is still the best vacation I've ever been on. 

Then came South Africa 2010, and 2011 was right on cue. That summer I went to a U2 concert (I'll be seeing another this May), studied for a month in London, fell in love (broke up about four days before the new year, but that was basically 2012), got to DJ a nightly radio show, and lived in two places with some of my best friends while attending school. 

The year 2014 gave us the World Cup in Brazil, and now I feel a sense of optimism about 2015. Then I see what's potentially on the horizon.

First there's the complete draw-down of U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan. I can't say I'm totally against this move, but the first draw-down in Iraq now looks to be falling flat on its face thanks to ISIS. If anything similar happens after our first post-Sept. 11 foray into the War on Terror, it's going to be a tough time for Washington.

Speaking of Capitol Hill, September of next year is another budget deadline that has to be met if we don't want another government shutdown. It was difficult enough with just a House led by Republicans that I'm a bit concerned with what the now GOP-led Senate will brew up.

Then there's this whole spiraling oil prices thing. Again, I'm a fan. But, the other side to that is the long-term effect on our economy, namely that of the state I currently live in. Hopefully, things will even out….hopefully.

Last spring was pretty quiet regarding severe storms in our corner of Tornado Alley. I'm not so sure it will be as mild this time around, and that's if we can pick our way out of what is expected to be a cold and possibly icy January.

It all looks so bleak from here.

But maybe that's just me paying too much attention to news. After all, most of the things that were good in my post-World Cup years were on a personal level. It's important to separate the two. 

I prefer to be optimistic, then, as 2015 enters full view. The world looks like a crazy place, but my biological, soccer-based clock tells me otherwise.

It's never let me down before.

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