Merry Christmas -- pass it on

To the editor,

Recently I was on my way to a doctor's appointment in Oklahoma City when I went thru the drive-thru window at McDonald's of Chickasha to pay for my coffee. The person at the window said it was paid for by lady in the car in front of me and she said Merry Christmas, pass it on and drove away. I asked who she was and why does she do it? He smiled and said, all I know is every year she does it at Christmas and she drives two different cars, a gray Chevy and a red PT Cruiser with yellow flowers.

I guess she would have given her name if she wanted me to know. All I do know is, she made me think about the real meaning of the holiday season is a feeling of giving from the heart and not feeling you have to be thankful for an act of kindness to someone you don't know.If you are ever on the receiving end of such a kind and thoughtful gift of kindness, just count your blessings and if anyone arounbd there knows her, say "thank you" for me.

Merry Christmas - pass it on!

B. C. Kelso,


A word for Chickasha taxpayers

To the editor,

Chickasha Taxpayers:

Did you feel satisfied with your current statement on your home or business? I hear that certainly some are upset and you're asking the wrong person about the increase in 2009 taxes.

The county assessor did not cause the "levy rate" you see on your statement; the county treasurer did not either. They only facilitate the the flow of tax money into the county.

YOU are responsible, if, as a voter, in the Chickasha School District you voted for the last bond issues. You may say, well they (whoever that is) said that if you owned property at so and so value, your taxes would only increase by so and so dollars (usually a trivial amount). In 51 years of practicing accounting and in 32 years of teaching accounting and finance I have often used an old but true adage: figures don't lie, but liars figure.

If you say, well the paper and mailings and ads presented the names by the dozens of my fellow citizens who said it was good and necessary to vote yes, then save the next bond issue endorsements and ask some of those to explain how they reconcile the high interest rates that go with the debt where the debtor is already mired up to the hilt in debt. To say nothing of having to pay fees to another town (Okarche) EDC as in the case of the bonds on the new gym. All that is why your taxes are up.

You'll have a chance sooner than you think to see all this again with a new school bond issue and there are some around wanting a new hospital bond issue.

Homer H. Hulme,

Grady County

Letter from reader corrected

To the editor,

In my letter to the Editor dated December 1, 2009, you misprinted my letter. You printed that "We do not need a bond to repair to repair existing buildings and upgrade technology." My letter sent to you specifically says, "We do need a bond to repair existing buildings and upgrade technology." Please make this correction so that I am not misquoted.

John P. Smith,


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