To the Editor, 


Some people just can’t wrap their minds around the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election and will soon be the president of the United States of America. They just can’t seem to understand why people would vote for him. As a Trump supporter, perhaps listing my personal reasons might help them to understand. 

For the last eight years I have witnessed a failed economy and foreign policy. As a conservative Christian I have witnessed ungodliness and immorality shoved down my throat under the guise of “political correctness” and if I didn’t like it, “I was a bigot”. My rights or feelings didn’t matter. I was expected to forego my moral values, and commitment to my God and His laws. Others were persecuted for holding their faith over government policy, i.e. for failing to issue a marriage license to a gay couple, or bake a wedding cake for the same.

I was thought of and accused of being “intolerant” because I expected the law of the land to be enforced when it came to aliens illegally invading our borders, and opposed their receiving government benefits, coming out of the pockets of myself and millions of hard working Americans. Some of these aliens were/are responsible for crimes against my fellow citizens. Yet rather than enforcing the law of the land on immigration, the present administration did aid and abet the people violating our laws..

I watched Federal government forcing Americans to buy a product, the “affordable” health care act, against their will, promoted by lies, lies, which eventually became self evident. I witnessed Obama undermining our police officers, thus encouraging lawlessness. I watched him ruling through executive orders, and telling the Republican to “go to the back of the bus.”

I witnessed liberalism trying to destroy America with it’s warped outlook and unconstitutional policies. But, I had to put up with it for eight years. So, yes, I am with the big chunk of the United States of America who sent a message Tuesday that I miss the good ole days. I am sure Jessica Lane, News Editor (“Women, minorities, mourn for more than the election loss”’ Express-Star 11/15/16) meant the phrase “good ole days” sarcastically, but I grew up in the fifties where there was very little child crime and immorality. There was no murdering of unborn babies. It was a Christian nation. It was the good ole days. 


Earl Linville, 


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