As I sit here preparing for another trip to the courthouse to continue to dig, I wonder how many citizens of Chickasha actually know the buffoonery that their elected officials and some of their hired staff are up to. I wonder how many know that the city officials have a self- subscribed $200 million dollar water infrastructure problem that starts at Ft. Cobb Reservoir at the city's water intake valve, then travels across Caddo County to about one mile South of Lake Chickasha, then ESE across the Grady/Caddo County line, and finally another 8 miles to Chickasha's Water Treatment Facility. All the lines need dug up and replaced. Also, the water treatment facility, as well as most every piece of pipe in town. Very large project. But one that needs to happen NOW.

Do the residents of Chickasha know that numerous health issues, and even links to various cancers, as well as the very high cancer rate in Chickasha over the last few decades are being studied in relation to the town's drinking water? Sounds like a problem that needs fixed right NOW, doesn't it? What if I told you that the City of Chickasha has a tenth of the funds necessary to complete the project in a municipal account? By now, most residents surely know that their city government is very diligent at keeping the citizens that they "work for" in the dark. Everything is purposed for secrecy and then sprung upon the taxpayers like, oh what's the old saying?..... A SNAKE IN THE GRASS! The city officials believe they are smarter than you....that they can manipulate and impose "fees" on you and trick you into thinking it is what is needed. What they are really doing is taxing you to death. Going around a tax that didn't pass a vote of the people by imposing a "fee" that only City Council can vote on. How do u think the municipal fund I spoke of above grew to over $9 million? Now, what if I told you that they want to take millions from this fund over the next few years, and use your municipal money on a project over 20 minutes from Chickasha, but it's not even related to the water crisis described above. What if I told you that kicking dozens of low- to middle-class people out of these people's retirement and paid vacation spots, to be replaced by higher income families....that may not ever come….and throwing money away on a disc golf course that none of you will use, and a tree farm on land that only grows salt cedars and gyp-alkali-dust-nados is more important to your city officials right now than even beginning to fix your toxin-laced drinking water. What if I told you that many of the toxins in your "drinking" water don't have to be ingested or swallowed to hurt you and your kids? Death thru the pores of your skin and even from breathing in “water vapors”? Bottled water, soft water systems, particulate filter systems won't fix that! Anyone have direct or indirect contact with Erin Brockovich? Take ownership of your town! The proposal YOUR city officials have made on the Lake Chickasha Recreation Area could really boost my family's property value next-door. But we are trying to be good neighbors. We won't take advantage of people or manipulate them the way your representatives do you! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

At Chickasha's Budget Meeting last night, the city officials whined and moaned and groaned about the loss of the oilfield revenue. Then tried to trick everyone in attendance into believing that what they said had come true. Even with a $600,000 shortfall. Alan Guard, the City Manager, (who doesn’t even live in your city) gave his proposal. When asked about any real numbers of data, his response was to look for a staff member to help or simply say that it was purely a GUESSTIMATE! Never can give anyone a real fact-filled answer, yet alone a true answer. And then your city manager went on to say that 1 police officer and 1 firefighter would lose their jobs due to the shortfall, as well as 2 city street maintenance workers! I may be a country boy, but even Festus knows those positions need to remain filled, along with some new jobs in those departments. But did you know that within 5 minutes he was asking and recommending that a new CPA be hired to help him with HIS workload? And that he could get one hired for $40,0000….now I'm no rocket surgeon but seems to me that his GUESSTIMATE is a little low, especially when you factor in total compensation with benefits, etc. But after eliminating 4 jobs the people of the city of Chickasha need greatly? No way! Then he went on and started advising to transfer various jobs and salaries to the above mentioned CMA fund. So these won't be reflected in a general budget. Also, he then went over the “drainage fee” taxing you for anything that hampers the raindrops from making it all the way to the soil directly. $7 minimum monthly charge per home. And then recommended $6-8 increase on your water bill just because of the budget shortfall. So, you're looking at around $15-20 more monthly on your water bill! Are you ticked-off yet? 
But wait, there’s more. I need to remind you of the $400,000 he proposes to take from the CMA fund to use on his Lake Chickasha proposal. Seems to me that money would almost pay for the police officer, firefighter, 2 street maintenance workers, and a good percentage of the shortfall-induced drainage utility fee and the other water bill increase….but excuse me for being practical.

And then YOUR city manager, Alan Guard, made mention of a new ¼ cent sales tax to help fund public safety. They are hiding their wasteful spending and relying on you to not be inquisitive enough to figure out that they already have the funds to pay for cops and firefighters. But they know they can spread the rumor that the sales tax increase is for “Public Safety” and get it passed.

All the while blowing your city money on projects that are miniscule in comparison to the water that is coming out of your tap!

I would like to advise you residents of Chickasha to attend your city council meetings at 5:30pm on the first and third Monday of the month. Get there early and sign up to address the council if you feel led. In the meantime find out who your city council members are for your ward and contact them. Let them know your concerns. You should be able to find their info on 
Let the city council know to support NO budget that allows your money ($400,000 this year for Chickasha Lake proposal) to be spent outside of the city limits on anything not directly regarding your tap water... from Ft. Cobb Lake to your tap! Take back your city! They have held you hostage long enough! 

Waylon Heavin, 


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