Dear Editor,


In reply to the Conservative View which appeared July 30-31, 2016 Section 5A

I started to West School in 1932 and graduated from Chickasha High School in 1944. Among those teachers who shaped my life were: Evelyn Sanders, Hattie Kilgore, Verne Tewksberry, Dorthea Kemper, and my mother. Each in her own way would correct me, but one of those corrections can be summed up in the statement: Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up. You see I was basing a decision on a conclusion without facts to support it.

That background requires me to search for the facts that support Donald Trump's stated opinion that he and only he can solve the problems that face this nation. I find only requirements to believe him and to believe in him- I haven't found reason for that, nor have I found any facts. I have found statements that he knows more than anyone else on various topics- I truly doubt that.

Trump's boring 75-minute list of egotistical conclusions did inspire me to take a closer look at the speakers and Hillary at the Democratic Convention the following week. Several ideas caught my attention:

Making the wealthy 1% pay their fair-share of taxes. Companies certainly use the highways-have you seen the 18-wheelers with trailers? And they hire trained locals.

Repairing the infrastructure puts money into the economy and taxes into government coffers for investment in reducing the use of fossil fuels, teacher salaries, retraining coal miners to work in solar-power and wind-power production.

We don't have to look too far to see that we rely more on computers than we rely on mechanical adding-machines. The day is long gone when the 8th Grade, and later the 12th Grade were enough which anyone could base a career. Public Education has to be extended: Tuition-Free Community Colleges, Tutition-Free University for those with an income under $125,000. (Something like that worked for President Truman and was called the G.I. Bill.

When it came to Hillary, I recalled a line from Shakespeare that I learned in Nellie Waterman's class: "He protesteth too much.' For twenty-five years the GOP including Donald Trump have hammered Hillary Rodham Clinton by labeling her in every way untrustworthy and unfit for the job. They have protested too much. It raises serious doubts in my mind, and I speculate as to the motive.

There were other potions well made and well supported: Immigration, Social Security, Women's Rights. But I won't confuse you with the facts if your mind is made up. However I will beg you to treasure your vote. Don't think it is unimportant. It is your vote with others of like mind who hire and fire those who represent us. Let it be an informed vote.


Jesse Lillard,


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