I have lived in Chickasha all or most of my life. I have always felt good about living here, but lately I have seen things that have gotten to me, that I don’t understand. I cannot understand why the city allows people to dump their trash in the center of the median of 17th and 19th street. I travel down those streets everyday and there is always limbs and other trash dumped there. It seems, that every time the City mows there, someone dumps limbs there. You would think people living on 17th & 19th street would take more pride in the area and report people dumping there.

There is a law about dumping on City property. The City should post signs on the property saying no dumping, and enforce it.

I have seen people in the daytime carrying their trash to the median and dumping it.

I think what would it be like, if everyone dumped there trash on 17th & 19th Street. This dumping could be stopped, and it should be stopped.

Keep our City looking good.


      Danny Wheeler,


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