Dear Editor, 

 For over 30-plus-years there have been “certain” Chickasha city fathers and businessmen that have tried to attack, shut down, impede, and stop the Muscle Car Ranch (MCR) and its owner Curtis Hart from operating because “they” “apparently” don’t like Curtis Hart as a man or a person or a businessman?  FYI, There are past and current pending lawsuits to prove that this is a fact!   

Also, you can read a letter that supports this claim that was written about this unfair business practice by certain city fathers in a letter to the editor posted in the Chickasha Express Star that was titled “A Story of David and Goliath”  back on Oct. 13, 2009. (

It came almost a little too late to our knowledge here at the MCR that "apparently"  “ALL” event permits that are submitted to the City of  Chickasha and to the Office of the Chickasha Community Development they "apparently" must  be voted on for approval by the Chickasha City Council? 

Unfortunately, after over 30-plus-years of holding MCR and Twisterfest events, “we” here at the MCR ranch were not aware of this “required” vote for approval and were shocked with the post-knowledge that the Twisterfest event permit narrowly passed for approval at last Tuesday night’s city council meeting by a 5 to 4 vote margin. And to add salt to the wound so to speak, City Councilman Jerry Pittman apparently even exaggerated and made false claims to shed the Twisterfest event in a negative light to try to not get the event approved!  

Curtis Hart, MCR, and Twisterfest has been good for and to the City of Chickasha and has brought positive national and perhaps even positive international recognition to the City of Chickasha and to Oklahoma!

We here at the Muscle Car Ranch are trying our best to do things right and abide by “the rules” and bring positive events and positive recognition to the City of Chickasha, Oklahoma. We submitted our request for our Twisterfest 2017 back on April 6, 2017 – which we thought was just a formality and nothing to be concerned about.   No one at Community Development or the City said anything about the permit having to go through the City Council for approval and that the event could actually be turned down? Also, no one at MCR was notified that Twisterfest would be put on the council’s agenda for a vote at Tuesday night’s council meeting!  

We are ashamed to say that Chickasha’s very own City Mayor, Hank Ross, and other Chickasha City Councilmen – R.P. Ashanti-Alexander, Blake Elliott, and Jerry Pittman voted against having the Twisterfest event.  

It is a sad day and a “black-eye” for Chickasha to see certain city fathers not whole-heartedly support a business and an event that has done nothing but bring tax dollars , revenue, and positive recognition to Chickasha and to the state of Oklahoma! 

We here at the Muscle Car Ranch are grateful that Councilmen Mark Keeling, Cody Turpin, Jim Hopkins, Kimmy Loggins, and Howard Carpenter voted for the Twisterfest event’s approval. There are some “good-guys” out there! 


TW Hay, 

Muscle Car Ranch 

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