Dear Editor: As a life long resident of Grady County and living in Chickasha as a younger person, I've literally grown up with the Festival of Lights. 

I remember the buzz it created when it was first established. The crazy lines at various restaurants and the insane traffic and how awesome it was for Chickasha!! 

Fast forward to Saturday night. With 2 nieces (6 & 4) bundled up and loaded in the car, we make our "traditional" trip into town to eat at our favorite pizza place, BJ's, then head straight to see the lights. As we turn south on 9th, we learn there are no lights?! 

Apparently it was too cold? Now we understand it was too cold for the animals and various vendors (if they decided that), but to leave the lights off all together? 

Sure no one would need to be there to collect donations, but could there have been an "honor system" type drop box? I know I would've donated. Which would have been more money than was made the ENTIRE night as it stands. What about all the various businessowners that count on that additional revenue? 

If Chickasha wants to grow and be a central destination, they may want to look a little north to Mustang/Yukon and take notes. They sure managed to have their lights on the week before Christmas regardless of the weather. I've rooted for Chickasha growth for many years, this left me shaking my head...


Dylan Rainey,


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