To the Staff of The Express Star

 So, you will support and vote for a dishonest, untrustworthy liar over a few women’s unsubstantiated accusations? You yearn for a candidate who exemplifies fiscal restraint and cherish Biblical principles? Really? I think you need to search your conscience a little deeper. 

Probably half the men alive have, at one time in their life, made some off the cuff comments but don’t have ALL the newspapers and other media pouncing on it even though someone dug it up from who knows where. Just at the time many more reports have surfaced about more criminal actions of Hillary and her team. So nothing is said about these women. Where is any proof? A 74 year old woman, 30 years ago? Then all the others started popping up. Why did they not report it? Just want attention?

It is truly sad that our choices are what they are But I will be thoroughly ashamed if our Great Nation will be run by the untrusting, conniving liar, Hillary Clinton. 

So disappointed in your endorsement, therefore I am cancelling my subscription to your paper. 

  Jimmie Ludwick,


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