Dear Editor, 


First of all I do not agree with what Donald Trump said about women back in 2005 but that was 11 years ago. It certainly does not compare with what Hillary Clinton is going to be doing to our country. You endorsed Hillary Clinton on her biblical principles. You and Hillary both read from a different Bible than the one I read from. Let’s talk about what Obama has done to this country and his legacy that he wants carried on. 

Obama has divided this country racially and also made a mockery of God’s laws. He has crammed Obamacare down our throats. That has turned out to be a disaster. Then there is partial birth abortion. Hillary is taking that and running with it. Open borders when we can’t take care of those already here. I work our church’s food pantry every week and there are always new families coming in. 

Then there is God’s law on marriage. Obama and the Supreme Court thought they knew best and have overturned the people’s vote in every state. I heard Obama tell a group of people that it would be an insult to him not to vote for Hillary Clinton because she needs to continue his legacy. Some of you are probably wondering why I am not talking about the economy and there is so much more that I could write about. This president and his administration have taken God completely out of the picture. When you completely omit God a country will fail. 

The government is already going into our church and telling them how to conduct themselves in certain matters. They are going into our small businesses. There is a pharmacy in Washington state run by a Christian conservative family. 

Because of their religious beliefs they did not have the plan b abortion pill on their shelves. They were told by a Federal Appeals Court that despite their religious objections they must disperse the emergency contraceptive. Don’t be lazy, do your research, for this election is very important. Just remember a nation without God will fail and we are already in the gutter. 



Debbie Trammell,


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