Dear Editor,


Drug use is not unnatural. Did you know animals get high? In Eastern Europe, Reindeer forage for and even fight for hallucinogenic mushrooms. Bighorn Sheep go to great and dangerous lengths for rare narcotic lichen. Bats in Central and South America often eat fermenting fruit. 

And need I mention cats and catnip? Many kinds of animals seek out and enjoy drugs of some kind. Humans are no different. It’s natural to seek pleasure and stress relief. 

Doesn’t it feel good to have that hot cup of coffee? Unless it’s decaf, you’re enjoying a drug, and there’s nothing wrong with that! One big difference between caffeine and Cannabis is that the former can cause overdose deaths and the latter cannot. I think it’s time we stop making nature illegal. Once again, Prohibition is a failure. 


Devin Gagliardo, 


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