Still looking a little dry in Cornville.

One of the farm boys had a comment about that the other day. He said if the river gets any lower, he would be able to leave his fishing pole at home and just pick the catfish up by hand.

That's an interesting thought ... kind of like noodling, but you can see where you're putting your hand.

Shucks, I've read that noodling is actually more popular in Oklahoma than almost any other state. Makes me wonder what kind of state (of mind) you have to be in to stick your bare hands into holes or under brush in rivers and lakes not knowing what might be there.

Nephew of mine says that's the fun of it – the adrenaline rush. There's a rush all right, but maybe it's the wind rushing through where he is supposed to be having sane thoughts.

"What if you lose a finger or a hand or an arm?" I asked him.

Nephew just shrugged. "You don't know. That's the fun of it. And pulling out a big, ol' catfish with your hands. Not everyone has the guts to do it," he said.

Shucks, there are whole websites out there dedicated to noodling. One of them is called Okie Noodling 2. Their philosophy or motto is "No worms. No Wimps. No Worries."

My official definition of noodling is the insanity of sticking your hands and arms into deep, dark places intentionally looking for something that might bite or maim you.

Different strokes for different folks, my ol' grandpappy, E.C., used to say.

Change of subject, but today is Flag Day and this is an important day out in Cornville. This is a day for Americans to celebrate and show respect for our flag, which is a symbol of this great nation.

It represents our nation's independence and unity. We are one nation, under God and It's up to us to keep the "indivisible" part of the pledge to the flag intact.

Congressman stopped through Cornville the other day and said we do have deep divisions in our country right now. But, he said, we are in control of our own destiny. Americans always have been. We can work together, which is how we can stay "indivisible."

Lots of folks from Cornville have died protecting Old Glory and what it stands for. Showing respect for the flag is showing respect for our family members and friends and other proud Americans we don't even know by name and thanking them for their sacrifice.

Let's honor the flag and what it stands for – today and everyday.

Well, shucks, time to go check the 'maters. Looks like a good chance of rain in the forecast for today through Wednesday.

Thank the good Lord and let the river rise, so farm boy can use his pole instead of his hands to go fishing.

Till next time ...

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