On Monday evening (Aug. 27) the Chickasha City Council unanimously determined that it was necessary to appeal the Grady County District Court’s issuance of the Writ of Mandamus in the Curtis Hart v. City of Chickasha matter.

This Writ of Mandamus dealt with the District Court authorizing the sale of 3.2 beer for on-premises consumption on the property which was used to host the Muscle Car Ranch event without City Council approval. The Council felt it is important to advise the citizens of the City of Chickasha that this decision by the District Court appears to have dealt not only with the three day event which Mr. Hart held last week but also would be a permanent zoning classification for this property.

Additionally the City is concerned that the District Court Ruling will have a broader effect on the ability of individuals to sell 3.2 beer for on-premises consumption without the involvement or approval of the City Council pertaining to zoning classifications for the location of these activities.

In order to resolve these matters and to have a clear understanding as to what the authority of the City of Chickasha is going forward as it relates to the location of the sale of 3.2 beer for on-premises consumption an appeal from the District Court’s decision issuing a Writ of Mandamus to the City of Chickasha is determined to be imperative by the City Council. The City intends to abide by the District Court’s ruling while this case is on appeal.

This city council wants to be open and transparent regarding the decisions we make and how those decisions affect the entire community. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve such a wonderful group of citizens.

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