New city council members often gingerly dip their toes into the pool of governance, but occasionally one chooses instead, to make a splash. 

That is the case with Cody Turpin. 

Since winning his seat, Turpin has been a lead by example councilman with no reservations about getting his hands dirty to improve Chickasha. This is the sort of behavior we love to see from our local politicians. 

Turpin is generating ideas on how to repair our community’s depleted infrastructure and willing to work with our council, police authorities and the city manager’s office to achieve these goals. His tenacity is admirable to say the least. We are inspired by his ability to lead our citizens while maintaining a message of responsibility. He has publicly defended the city in some areas while charging Chickasha’s residents with the task of taking care of their community. That is the bridge a councilperson should build, and Turpin is well underway to constructing such a connector.  

Additionally, many have credited Turpin for his accessibility. We must echo this sentiment, as he has been readily available for interviews and quotes at a moment’s notice. 

It is uncommon newly elected council members are comfortable giving interviews and working with the press without relying on campaign hyperbole, but Turpin has embraced that methodology.

Turpin is a representative our community can be proud of, and we are excited to see what new initiatives and ideas he will bring to the table in his term. 

Early in his tenure, he has set the bar high, but we expect he will continue to eclipse our expectations.


 - Editorials are a consensus of the Express-Star editorial board. 

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