Commerce has changed quite a bit in the last decade, and with that change a bevy of safety concerns have come to the surface. 

Thankfully agencies like the Grady County Sheriff's Office are making strides to protect consumers from potential threats. 

Last week the GCSO designated their office as a meeting place for online buy, sell and trade groups. The forward thinking displayed by the GCSO is astounding. 

There have not been any major incidents involving online commerce in Grady, but the threat is ever present. It is not outlandish, or alarmist to fear potential dangers from meet-ups that originated online. 

The sheriff's office offers a safe haven for individuals who want to purchase or sell personal items without fear. 

It's true leadership, and we are thrilled to see GCSO taking the reins on this issue.  

Additionally, the sheriff's office is well lit and video monitored 24 hours a day, and deputies  commonly travel back-and-a-forth between their patrol destinations and the sheriff's office. The combinations of these elements make this facility the perfect place for a meet-up. 

Jim Weir has been the sheriff of Grady County for almost five years now, and it appears his passion for protecting our communities has not dwindled at all.


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