Operating a cemetery is no easy feat. 

There is a constant cost of updates, legal mandates and an eventual need for expansion. The possibility of not being able to expand thereby cutting off a revenue source is also an outcome that can occur. It's a tough business. 

That being said, the Chickasha Cemetery Board's recommendation that the city council refund Mary Wood's money is a wise one. 

Wood lost two siblings in a short period of time leaving her in a clearly venerable state. She cremated the remains of her bother and daughter and had them buried with a monument that allowed for some of the ashes to be placed inside the structure, while the rest were placed under it. Yet she paid the week day fee of $250 per burial. 

That cost just didn't match the necessary work. 

We commend board member Charlie Ferguson for his forward and compassionate resolve in this issue. Mr. Ferguson's is all too aware of the turmoil people go through during burial procedures due to his line of work, and he used that knowledge to make a sound judgment. 

It is important to note we are not proposing a scenario where cemeteries are haggled, but special circumstances do need to be taken into account. We are not ready to say a new city ordinance is needed, but current legislation dealing with burials should certainly be reviewed and potentially altered. 

For the time being, the city council should accept the cemetery board's recommendation of refunding Wood's $500.  


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