It’s easy to take first responders for granted.

Unless faced with horrible circumstances, most don’t really consider police and fire services in their daily lives. Moreover, it’s not like anyone likes paying traffic tickets or taxes to fund these departments.

Incidents like Sunday’s remind us how precious these services are, and even more, how precious the people that serve us are.

Our police and firefighters risk their lives every day, so we can feel safe, and the fact that two of Chickasha’s finest were injured in the line of duty is sickening.

We spend a good deal of time writing police reports. It’s no secret crime sells newspapers. The officers and deputies we quote in reference these stories are almost the stuff of legend in our office. We know their names by heart, and have expectations of them. With that in mind, it seems almost impossible that these men and women are anything if not immortal.

But they are. They are made of the same flesh and blood we are, and when two of our officers are shot it brings us back to reality.

These are people with families and friends. They are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. They are no different than anyone else, yet they choose to do a job that grants them a double-edged sword of potential notoriety and infamy. And we adore them for that while far too often forgetting they are human.

And they are human.

We want to embrace our first responders today, because it isn’t said often enough. We want to embrace their families who have to give up time with loved ones so we can feel safe.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy like Sunday for us to recognize the amazing things CPD, the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and all the policing agencies, and first responders in the county do. They are true heroes and they deserve to be honored as such.

CPD’s public information officer, Lt. Scott Weaver, said the families of the injured officers don’t need anything specific right now except thoughts and prayers. So that is what we will offer. We will dedicate a page in the Sept. 19 edition of The Express-Star to the brave men and women who serve every day. We want to thank them, and want them to know we appreciate all they do and stand behind them, even when it may be one of us who gets a traffic ticket. Our world would be far darker if they were not in it.


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