Conference fuels continued dialogue about Oklahoma water resources

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin speaks about water conservation Tuesday during the 36th annual Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference and Research Symposium in Norman, Oklahoma.

The governor and our legislators were not exactly popular across the state at the end of the legislative session. This year's efforts marred by scandal, infighting, budgetary concerns and now–lawsuits. 

But amidst the chaos our state leaders got something right. Gov. Mary Fallin presented a plan to improve healthcare access for our veterans last week. The eventual goal is to grant access to vets across the state regardless of location.

Fallin took it a step further by setting up a brief online survey, the results will help tailor veteran health care. 

We commend Fallin for this work. Healthcare is a hotly debated topic from the federal level down and her efforts to take a state's first approach aiding the more than 350,000 veterans living in Oklahoma are refreshing. 

Now it is crucial our veterans take Fallin up on her offer and fill out the 10-minute survey. The governor has provided these heroes with an opportunity for a degree of self-government, and that opportunity should not be squandered. 

Our legislators should embrace this process, and during recess reach out to veterans in their communities. They should work diligently to provide access and support to those who may not have broadband internet or the capability of easily filling out this survey. 

Oklahoma could end up leading the nation in veteran's care if this is done correctly, and there is no reason it shouldn't be. 

It's been a tough year for our state's government, but this could be a bright point in an otherwise dull season of law making. 

To fill out the survey visit


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