Waiting to welcome Sgt. Schoolfield

The last three weeks has been tough on local law enforcement. When one of their own is injured on the job they all feel it, and those emotions can be isolating. 

That’s why we want to commend the people of Chickasha for coming out and welcoming Chickasha Police Sgt. Matthew Schoolfield home.

Schoolfield left the hospital Wednesday after weeks of inpatient treatment and surgeries. He was shot on the job while investigating a house along with fellow CPD officer Daniel Ramirez. Both officers were shot, but Schoolfield’s injuries were far worse. 

We, along with the community awaited the police sergeant’s prognosis with bated breath and over the course of  a few days we learned he would recover. 

The culmination of all these emotions climaxed Wednesday night as dozens of residents took to the streets to welcome Schoolfield home. It was a beautiful sight, and one that reminds us how fantastic the people of this community are. They truly showed their love for out public servants and embraced a family dealing with an unbelievably trying ordeal. 

We also want to recognize the administration of CPD for their quick thinking in arranging the welcome home. CPD placed a brief post on their Facebook page alerting citizens and asking for people to show up to welcome Schoolfield as he made his way home. 

And our citizens responded. 

Flags and signs were held high, and pride could be felt running through all who were there. It’s a pride that is far too often ignored. It’s easy to move on with life, but that is not what we saw Wednesday. Instead, we saw our community honoring a man who made a huge sacrifice in the name of safety, and in doing so our citizens honored both him and Chickasha.


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