Artscope STUDIO

Every year local youth are given the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of art thanks to Artscope. This year, the arts camp took a step forward with Artscope STUDIO.

The introduction of Artscope STUDIO by arts education guru, Carrie Chavers is a stellar addition. Chavers should be commended for improving upon an already exemplary program. 

STUDIO–which is for ages 13-18–slows down the fast paced momentum of Artscope and gives teens an opportunity to focus on one project at a time.

We find value in both processes. Younger children may gain more from switching between mediums. This may foster a shifting landscape of artistic endeavors. Moreover, teens may thrive in a detail orientated approach with a concentration on a specific project–in this case–visual arts. 

More importantly, Chavers shares wisdom beyond painting. Far too often artists of all ages are brought down by self deprecating criticism. It is admirable that Chavers' lesson plan includes strategies for battling those inner torments. Chavers should be proud that she has taken a stance for the importance of art both visually and mentally. 

And it's clear Artscope works. Many previous campers return to the annual event to help teach. Involvement from past participants is awonderful hallmark of effectiveness. 

We also commend Rebellion Energy of Tulsa for stepping up this year and funding the scholarship program, allowing several youth to attend the arts camp. 

Artscope has become a staple of Chickasha and a truly wonderful event for our youth. We live in a time where art education is constantly on the cutting block, so camps like Artscope are increasingly more important. 


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