Few things are more inspiring than local residents taking the time to embrace the less fortunate in their community. 

Roland Nuñez and Spencer's Grocery store are truly holding fast to the Biblical ideology of looking after your neighbors. Their new community pantry allows citizens to donate non-perishable and canned food items for those who may need a helping hand is inspired. 

We have a tapestry of wonderful organizations geared toward helping the hungry in Oklahoma, but none are as effective physically and emotionally as when local residents go above and beyond to help each other out. 

The concept is so simple, but remarkably effective. Other communities have utilized community pantries to great success and we can only hope Chickasha's program will experience similar prosperity. 

There is plenty of room for growth too. Nuñez said if this first pantry is kept stocked, he is open to building others and pushing this program across the city. 

We hope this becomes a reality sooner than later. 

As the heat continues to rise in the coming weeks, proper nutrition is vital to the health of everyone, but especially important to the less fortunate of our community. People like Nuñez and employees of Spencer's have taken it upon themselves to make sure they keep everyone fed. 


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