Dozens of fifth grade boys gathered together for the Gentleman of Distinction luncheon yesterday.

There is a time and a place for everything. 

Or, as etiquette expert Cary Sue Vega told the 84 fifth grade boys and their 63 mentors at the first annual Gentlemen of Distinction luncheon,  "Sometimes you have to turn the boy off and turn on the gentleman." 

Modeled after the Diamonds in the Rough luncheon which provides an etiquette lesson as well as the opportunity for members of the community to mentor fifth grade girls, the Gentlemen of Distinction luncheon does the same for fifth grade boys. 

The luncheon setting provided a hands on etiquette lesson, including how to identify one's glass and butter plate. 

Vega asked attendees to make an "O" with the thumb and index finger on each hand. This makes a "b" with the right hand–butter plate to the right–an a "d" with the left hand–drink to the left. 

Vega also taught the group handy reminders for identifying where silverware is placed on the table. There are four letters in the words "left" and "fork," hence the fork goes on the left. Moreover, there are five letters in the words "right" and "spoon" and "knife," therefore the spoon and knife go on the right. 

Warren Martin, Executive Director of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute, was the keynote speaker. 

Martin has been leading workshops and making presentations as well as consulting Fortune 500 corporations for 16 years. He is also the author of five books and known for his unique teaching style and has worked with various teachers and youth ministries to develop curriculum and has worked in 28 countries. He has been listed among the top 400 speakers in America. 

Joyce Black, Chickasha Public School Foundation Interim Executive Director said, "I am so excited to have  a special program for the boys and girls this year. Fifth grade is an impressionable age for students to not only attend a formal luncheon but also learn from experts about careers, goals and etiquette." 

First National Bank and Trust and Continental Resources were sponsors of the event.

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