Chickasha residents will likely be drinking water from a greater depth of Ft. Cobb Lake this spring. 

City Manager Stewart Fairburn said a project to extend the intake pipes in Ft. Cobb by 10 to 15 feet should be completed by the end of the winter. 

"The water at the reservoir is quite low right now," he said. "Our current pipes are in the shallower part of the reservoir, which didn't matter when they were built." 

Drought conditions have plagued water sources across the state of Oklahoma and Ft. Cobb is suffering the same fate. 

"We are not in as bad shape as other reservoirs, but we still need to worry about conservation," Fairburn said. "We don't know how long this drought will go."

This project is a step in a $30 million water improvement project that will last several more years. 

Although plans to improve and maintain water resources in Chickasha are underway, upkeep issues continue to plague the city. 

Fairburn said the 30 mile pipe that extends from Chickasha to Ft. Cobb has several leaks, and it will cost $150 million to replace it.

"We know we are losing water on it and we will have to replace it," he said. "We just don't have the money right now."

Fairburn said when a big enough leak is detected, crews repair the damage, but that doesn't quell the problem. 

"A bunch of little leaks throughout the length of the pipe make for a huge problem," he said. 

Despite the common leaking problem, plans to improve the water are still flowing. 

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