A Tuttle resident fired a warning shot out a broken bedroom window on Dec. 22 in an attempt to scare an unwanted man threatening to kill the people inside, documents note.

Court documents show that Roberto Martinez, 27, Oklahoma City, was arrested and charged in Grady County District Court on a felony attempted burglary in the first degree charge. Tuttle Police Officer Shane McKee reported that Martinez had been calling the home continuously since the previous evening making threats to come to the house and kill everyone inside.

The owner of the home in the 100 block of East Cedar Road said Martinez attempted to break into the house by breaking one of the bedroom windows. The home owner said he fired his handgun through the window "in the air" to protect his family and to try and scare away the potential intruder, records show.

McKee said after the shot was fired, Martinez quit trying to enter the home through the window, but continued to yell threats.

Upon conviction, the crime is punishable by imprisonment for three-and-a-half to 10 years.c

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