When I was growing up, my parents really enjoyed reading our local paper, and always looked forward to seeing if anyone they knew was mentioned in the “We Saw” column. I remember the column being located towards the bottom of the front page of what was then known as "The Chickasha Daily Express". It would mention names of the people that were out and about around Chickasha., shopping at local retail establishments, dining at local restaurants with other proud members of the community or taking in local live music.  Being mentioned in this column was like being a celebrity of the day in Chickasha.

In today’s world of social media, a “We Saw” column probably wouldn’t have the popularity it did when I was growing up here over forty years ago. However, that column was the inspiration for what the Economic Development Council and Chamber have been doing with the #ShopChickasha hashtag. The idea of going out and shopping in Chickasha and then posting a picture on social media while using #ShopChickasha is the same concept. Since we launched this idea five weeks ago, we received  upwards of one hundred entries a week from Chickasha citizens that have been supporting our local businesses throughout this crisis and are hoping to win some local gift certificates for their efforts in propping up our community as it remains strong in the face of adversity.

We recently added car decals, yard signs, and t-shirts as additional ways of showing your support for the #ShopChickasha programs. By displaying them, it is another way to win gift certificates and continue to support local business. Two of our local car dealerships have joined in on the fun and will do drawings at the end of June and give away local merchants gift certificates. #RestaurantBingo and #TunesinJune are other ways you can support your favorite local businesses as we go forward together. 

At a time of great division in our world, this seems like a simple yet impactful way that we can show some unity and support to the many family-owned businesses that have shown the same support to our little-league programs, church raffles, and community fundraisers. As I have spoken with the participating business owners, and the citizens of Chickasha that have continued supporting them, there has been a sense of community spirit that I hope continues well beyond June when this program ends. We need that right now in Chickasha. That unified community spirit is what makes us unique and can guide us for decades to come.

 I encourage you all to go support our local merchants and participate in our modern day version of “We Saw”;  because that’s what I believe is #TheGoodStuff!

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