Newly elected

Newly elected Grady County District Attorney, Jason Hicks


One word summed up the day after election for new District 6 District Attorney Jason Hicks – great!

"It was great. I was busy. I talked to a lot of folks," Hicks said. "The watch parties in Chickasha and Duncan on election night were phenomenal. In Chickasha we had about 150 people. There were tears. I was crying with my dad. In Duncan we had about 100 to 125 people. It was a great evening. A great moment."

Hicks was able to ride a wave of record turnout at the polls in Grady County to unseat incumbent Bret Burns. The District 6 position includes four counties – Grady, Stephens, Caddo and Jefferson. The Daily Oklahoman reported Thursday that total votes for the district tallied 22,555 for Hicks to 16,095 for Burns. The state paper also reported that Hicks was one of five Republicans who won positions in the state's five races for district attorney.

Now that the numbers are crunched, Hicks is turning his thoughts to what he considers his number one priority once he takes office: unifying law enforcement.

"We have to be on the same page. We have to focus on teamwork. I want to get that taken care of immediately," Hicks said.

In a pre-election interview, Hicks said in addition to improving communication between law enforcement agencies he wants to focus on making his office as open and available for citizens as possible – especially when it comes to money.

"I've pledged many times to be as open as any elected official ever has been. The district's $3.2 million budget – it's the people's money. They need to have access to the budget, especially in tough economic times. I've even considered designing a website to help people understand what goes on," he said. "I want to be open and available for citizens to ask questions."

Another goal Hicks previously mentioned is to be a tough but fair prosecutor.

"I do believe in fairness," he said. "I'll be a tough prosecutor, but I will apply the law equally. There will be no special favors. Everybody will be treated the same. Politics should never enter into the equation of the D.A.'s office. Society is already too political in a lot of different ways."

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