National weather stations may be reporting Oklahoma is about to receive some severe weather today, but there's no need to worry, Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management Director reassured.

"There's a slight risk for the central part of the state," Thompson explained. "There is a front coming, but the heaviest part of the bad weather will develop on the East side of the state."

Thompson said there's a chance of severe thunderstorms which may include hail and strong winds at its worst.

But Grady County won't receive a lot of rain, Thompson said. There's only a 40 percent chance of precipitation.

Although no tornados are expected to come today, Thompson urges citizens to stay prepared.

"You still need to be aware," Thompson said. "You've always got that small chance it could turn tornadic."

Chickasha has seen its share of dangerous tornados, and precautionary measures are the most important step in staying safe, Thompson explained. Tornados can take almost any shape or size. They can cause destruction alone, or sometimes in clusters.

"Just keep an eye on the weather," Thompson said. "Have a radio, be aware and be prepared. Watch the news and check the [Grady County Emergency Management] Facebook page."

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