In the midst of his first term, Senator Lonnie Paxton has authored four bills that will look to make their way through the legislature. One of those bills is Senate Bill 311.

According to Paxton, it is possible for anyone to have a highway named after them. However, the state can only pay for signs for certain people. This bill would expand that list.

"The state only pays for active duty military who were killed in the line of duty or state troopers," Paxton said.

What this bill would do is expand that list to any first responder. Firefighters, law enforcement and more would now be eligible to have the state pay for signs should a highway be designated to be named after them. 

Right now, according to Paxton, if someone fell into that group and was killed while performing their duties, it would be up to friends and family to pay for the sign.

"It's going to be up to their friends and family to raise the money to not only build the sign but to maintain it," Paxton said. "This simply expands the definition of who pays for it."

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