There were a few chuckles and knowing smiles among the residents of Shanoan Springs as they bit into brownies sprinkled with parsley. 

The residents took a trip back to 1969 during their Woodstock Anniversary party on Friday. 

Tie-dye napkins, flowers on the table, peace sign and flower-printed headbands and music from Woodstock filled the activity room. 

Hippie inspired desserts got residents into the groove. They sipped on nonalcoholic trash can punch and satisfied their munchies with "magic" parsley-sprinkled brownies. 

While attendees certainly had their tongue-in-cheek fun with the desserts, it was in the spirit of peace and love that the party took place. 

The staff at Shanoan Springs were right on with the festivities. Many were dressed as hippies as they assisted the flower-children-at-heart. Residents voted the top three staff members with the most far out costumes. 

Volunteers from several local hospices brought refreshments and served the residents. Dayton from Aspire Hospice brought brownies, Brandi and Brooke from Crossroads brought headbands and napkins, Joy Doctorman from Ross and Renae from Faith brought  brownies. 


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