Sex offender arrested loitering near restroom


A local father called police when he noticed a convicted sex offender was waiting outside the restrooms at a state park.

On May 20, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Pete Broderick was dispatched to Cherokee Landing State Park on reports of a reckless driver.

“While en route to Cherokee Landing, I was informed that dispatch received another 911 call about the same reckless vehicle,” Broderick said in the sheriff’s report. “Dispatch stated that the caller said the same reckless vehicle also followed some kids to the public restroom in the park.”

The deputy arrived on the scene and noticed a silver truck parked on an access road. Broderick was flagged down by the caller, who said he and his family were camping at the park.

The man said he was approached by Wilbern Gene Campbell, who was driving a Chevrolet truck. The man said Campbell claimed to be "looking for a party."

“[He] informed the male that he does not 'party' and to leave. [He] said the man pulled off slowly; however, he was looking at his kids and wife while he was driving off,” Broderick said.

The man told his wife to call the police.

“[He] observed the man drive away. However, he stated that when his two daughters were walking to the restrooms, he noticed that the vehicle was making its way back to them,” Broderick said.

The man said Campbell pulled up to the restrooms, where his daughters were, and that he and his son took off running toward the facilities. The man yelled at his wife to call 911, and when Campbell saw the two running toward him, he drove off onto the access road.

Broderick tried to make contact with the Chevrolet truck, but Campbell took off and reached speeds up to 75 mph through the park. The vehicle attempted to drive off the road and came to a stop near the park entrance.

Deputies said Campbell had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him, and couldn’t stand or walk without falling over.

He claimed he'd only had one beer and that he wanted to drive. Campbell was arrested after Broderick determined he was impaired.

Broderick asked Campbell why he was at the park, and he said he was just sitting there. He also insisted he didn’t get out of his truck at the restrooms.

“I asked Wilbern if he was allowed to be at a state park while a convicted sex offender, and he stated, ‘No. Wait, I don’t know,’” said Broderick.

Campbell was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked on aggravated DUI, eluding, speeding, and failure to comply with the sex offender registry.

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