Anyone wanting to run for office might see a change in the cost of filing fees in the near future. According to Senator Lonnie Paxton, Senate Bill 323 could update the costs of filing fees to help pay for special elections.

Paxton said in the case of someone being added to the Donald Trump administration and having to resign their post, there would have to be a special election. Holding a special election costs a large sum of money. 

"The revolving fund does not have that kind of money in it. If there is a special election, the election board is going to have go to the legislature and ask for a special appropriation," Paxton said.

Paxton added that either way, the money for a special election is not there. He decided to take a look at filing fees as a way to come up with funds. He said that when he filed to run for the Oklahoma Senate, he paid the same that was paid in the late 1960s.

"This updates that and kind of throws a little bit of inflation into it and raises those up a little bit so the elections can somewhat help fund themselves."

The filing fee for a citizen wanting to run depends on what position they are running for. The new fee for filing to run for the Oklahoma Senate would be $500.

However, there will be a way to avoid paying a filing fee.

"You can avoid paying the filing fees by collecting a petition. My language cleans up the petition language to where basically you can go get two percent of the registered voters in your district," Paxton said. "The petition can waive the filing fees."

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