The weary-eyed-from-grading-papers have reason to rejoice. Coffee pots and mini-fridges are no longer finable contraband at Chickasha Public Schools.

The Chickasha School Board meeting on Aug. 11 included a few changes for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year for both teachers and students alike.

According to an old policy, teachers at Chickasha Public Schools had to pay a $30 fee if they had a coffee pot or mini-fridge. Superintendent David Cash removed this policy, citing that it was not hospitable to the school's employees.

"I think it sends the wrong message to our employees," Cash said.

Dress code rules for students were fine tuned. The unit of measure for shorts is no longer the index card which was first proposed a few years ago.

Students suspected of too-short hemlines will be asked to place their hands at their sides. The end of the shorts must not be above the student's index finger. Moreover, the fabric between the neck and shoulder of sleeveless shirts must be at least two inches in length. Piercings at Chickasha Middle School are restricted to ears.

Beyond dress code, other changes included the absence policy at Chickasha High School. If a student has 14 absences per semester, he or she will receive an F for their missed classes. Cases of extenuating circumstances, such as a student missing school due to a long illness, will be reviewed by the school.

The graduation requirements for Chickasha High School students were changed to align with the new traditional seven class schedule. At July's school board meeting, the board decided to move away from block scheduling.

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