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Murder defendant George "Bo" Bruce Rouse, Jr. is shown in Grady County District Court Friday. OSBI confirmed that he was found dead in his jail cell Saturday evening.

Four days after texting a lieutenant with the Grady County Sheriff's Office that "I'm sick of all the drugs and this way of life," George "Bo" Bruce Rouse Jr. was found dead in his jail cell.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Public Information Officer Jessica Brown said Saturday evening that jail employees found Rouse unresponsive in his cell about 6 p.m. and were not able to resuscitate him.

It's believed that Rouse was in the cell by himself, Brown said. The Medical Examiner will determine the manner of death.

Rouse had appeared in Grady County District Court Friday to face a first-degree murder charge in the death of Danny Ray Franklin, who was found dead by his father Monday morning on the family land.

Court documents show that during the course of the investigation it was discovered that Danny Franklin was a close associate to Rouse. According to witnesses Rouse was the last person seen with Franklin prior to his body being discovered.

Franklin's funeral was held Friday.

In a text message sent to a Grady County Sheriff lieutenant on Tuesday, George "Bo" Bruce Rouse, Jr. said he "snapped" and shot Danny Ray Franklin in the head.

Court records also show in the same text message he told Lt. Ricky Rushing that "I'm sick of all the drugs and this way of life."

It is believed that Rouse was strung out on meth "everyday for about the last eight months," Kell said.

Bond was denied Friday after a discussion between Rouse's attorney, Al Hoch, and the prosecution about what the word "snapped" meant in this particular situation. Hoch, from the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, represented Rouse for the initial appearance. Honorable Judge Timothy A. Brauer denied bond on Friday.

Investigators had evidence from the crime scene, including bloody shoe prints, that were a match to shoes found when rouse was arrested early Wednesday morning in an Oklahoma City motel room.

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