A local farmer is offering a reward of $500 for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons involved in the vandalism of his barn and theft of $1,000 worth of tools.

A recent rash of vandalism has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage in Grady County.

According to Braum’s Public Relations Director Andie Schwab, on the night of June 4 or early morning of June 5, vandals turned a tractor over into a ditch that was being dug. They also turned over a trailer, damaging a spool of cable con wire that was being used on the site. According to a police report, a broken beer bottle was found in the ditch next to the tractor.

In addition, a swather (Haywind Roller) had all four tires slashed and the steering column was broken.

“Damages are estimated at between $10,000 and $15,000,” said Schwab.

Braum’s is offering a $2,500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the vandalism of the tractor and swather. Also, according to a police report, Tuttle police are investigating a tip about a Braum’s employee who recently put in his two-week notice who reportedly has a key to the Braum’s property.

Three other instances of vandalism and theft also occurred last week.

On June 12, officers were dispatched to a residence on Harold Road, west of Hwy. 81. The owner stated that although his combine had been locked, someone had started the machine and moved it, leaving it unlocked. He also reported a fire extinguisher, valued at $200, was missing.

Another report of vandalism was investigated west of Tuttle on the same date. The property owner reported that someone took a key out of one of her swathers and used it to start another swather. They then ran the swather into a wheel rake attached to a John Deere tractor causing estimated damages of $6,000 to the machinery.

Finally, also on the same day, a tractor was driven into a barn door to gain access to a barn on Dutton Road west of Pocasset. According to owner Randy McComas, damage to the barn is estimated at $2,000. In addition, two Craftsman tool boxes full of tools were taken. The value of the missiing tools is estimated at $1,000. McComas is offering a $500 reward for information about the vandalism and theft.

Anyone who has any information about the vandalism at Braum’s is urged to contact the Tuttle Police Department at 405-381-4467.

Anyone who has any information about the three other vandalism instances should contact the Grady County Sheriff’s Office at 405-222-1000 or Crime Stoppers at 405-224-TIPS (8477).

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