Ron Reynolds of Chickasha has announced that he will seek election as the new Grady County Sheriff.

Reynolds has served the Oklahoma County Sheriff for 15 years as an Oklahoma County Deputy Sheriff.

In seeking the position of Grady County Sheriff, Reynolds says he will bring a new image, a new administration, new jail solutions and new changes in law enforcement to Grady County.

“There will be new involvement in the community and schools - this will be a priority,” said Reynolds, who plans to work with and cooperate with all state, federal and police agencies.

“Our profession will be to ensure Grady County residents that our job is “To Protect and To Serve,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says law enforcement will be upgraded due to his experience in law enforcement, administration, patrols, warrant sweeps, courthouse security, community development, domestic violence, gang violence, emergency response to terrorism, homicide investigations, outdoor marijuana investigations, burglary and robbery investigations, drug-endangered children, police forensics, amber alert, law enforcement to W. M. D., criminal intelligence, traffic, counterfeit and fraud, workplace and school violence, community policing, juveniles, arson investigation, right-wing extremist terrorism, and many other areas.

Reynolds also assisted with the aftermath of the May, 1999 tornado in Oklahoma City and also with the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City. He is a Private Investigator and is also on the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System list of investigators.

Reynolds was born and raised in Verden, and his wife Carol is the owner of Midwest Legacy Mortgage Company in Chickasha. Reynolds lived in Oklahoma City for 30 years, where he served in banking as a vice president lending officer and bank manager before entering law enforcement. He attended C. S. U. He moved back to the Chickasha area in 2001.

“I will be visiting businesses and residents in Grady County in the near future asking for your vote and support,” said Reynolds. “I would like to thank all Grady County residents for their vote, confidence and support in the next election.”

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