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The Grady County community has done a lot to help the survivors of the bad weather between May 22 and 25: benefit concerts, clothes drives, toy drives, volunteering.

But, as extensive as the damage was, there is still opportunity to help those that have not been able to recover or have run out of what help has been received.

Long Term Recovery Organizations (LTRO) are a way for areas affected by disaster to continue to put a community and its people back together. FEMA helps organize the group, providing sample mission statements and bylaws in order to make the LTRO appropriate for individual communities.

Because FEMA is a government agency, a LTRO has to be organized in a distinct way before FEMA can release information about damage reports, according to Michael Butler, pastor of First Baptist Church.

Currently, Grady County’s LTRO consists of two co-chairs, Butler and Jon Bawden of Sharon Baptist Church. Butler said the committee is “open to anyone in the community who has a heart for this.”

To join, please call 224-5196. The next LTRO meeting takes place at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 18 at First Baptist Church at 102 East Dakota.

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