The Women's Service and Family Resource Center has served domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking victims in Grady County for 29 years.  Recently we welcomed a new member, Cary Burton, to our staff.  Cary has been associated with WSFRC for the past two years as an active volunteer  She will be serving as the victim's service liaison for Grady County.  The purpose of Women's Service and Family Resource Center is to help victims of domestic violence break the cycle and stop the continuation of violence in our community.  Abuse can come in many shapes and sizes.  The WSFRC is here to offer assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  Physical violence is a learned behavior, a deliberate and forcible act of strength calculated to keep the victim under the abuser's control by instilling fear of injury.  Sexual abuse is distinguished from physical abuse because it includes any act that is destructive to a person's sexuality.  Stalking or harassment is unwanted, repeated, or continuing contact that would cause a reasonable person emotional distress.  

The Women's Service & Family Resource Center offers crisis intervention assisting women and children, and men when appropriate, giving them alternatives and making them aware of local resources.  We have a licensed mental health professional who provides counseling and assessments.  We have trained staff available to support victims during an emergency room exam.   We are available to offer support to clients who need to be involved in the legal system; from filing a protective order to moral support when clients are involved in prosecuting.  When A  safe place is needed for victims we offer temporary emergency shelter.  When funds and donations allow, we have meals and personal care products to supply to victims.  We also offer support groups where women can discuss their problems and help each other find solutions.

The Women's Service and Family Resource Center also provides speakers upon request for any civic organization, school, or group.  We encourage the community to utilize these services and allow us to educate and increase awareness on these important issues,  Violence is a crime and it is not okay,  WSFRC is funded by private and community donations, the Office of Attorney General, the Victims of Crime Act, the Violence Against Women Act, and the United Fund of Grady County.  There are never any fees for our services and all of our services are held confidential, by law.

We always welcome donations of new personal care products, such as, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, razors, lotions, ect., and also new or slightly used clothing to supply to clients and their children.  Volunteers are always welcomed and are trained to offer services to victims.  If you or someone you know us a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or stalking, or you are not sure if a situation merits seeking help, we encourage you to call our 24 hour crisis line at 405-222-1818.  Staff and trained volunteers are available to assist you at any time.


Women's Service & Family Resource Center is offering the 16 hour volunteer training on November 12, 13, and 14.  Volunteers can play a crucial [art in making a difference in victims lives.  Please call 405-222-1818 for more information on training.

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