The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) will be taking its meetings on the road. 

The next LEPC meeting is expected to take place in April at the Brainerd Chemical Company in Amber, Dale Thompson said at the Grady County Commissioner's meeting on Monday.

A local LEPC is required under the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, Thompson said. While LEPCs were originally formed to deal with hazardous materials, it has grown to deal with all hazards, Thompson said at a previous meeting.

The LEPC plan to tour other facilities such as the Enable Gas Plant and HSI Sensing. The purpose of these tours will be to educate LEPC members of what hazardous materials are at these locations, Thompson said. 

The LEPC had its last meeting on Jan. 8 at the Grady County Fairgrounds, where it elected Bruce Anthony as Chairman, Lisa Hatchett as Vice-Chairman and Andrea Payne as Secretary/Treasurer. 

Thompson also gave the commissioners an update on the Safe Room Project. He said 77 were completed and there are 57 left to complete. So far, a total of $153,280 has been spent from the Grady County Home Finance Authority funds. 

Thompson also reported that there have been several accidents in Grady County, including a fatality on the turnpike. In addition, Minco School was temporarily closed due to the flu and strep throat. Thompson also said there has been a lack of major fire calls. Fire calls are common during the winter due to fires from heat sources such as space heaters. 

Possible winds of change are coming to Rush Springs. Heath Herje, Project Manager of Tradewind Energy, said about 54 wind turbines will be erected in Rush Springs during the project. Herje said he would like to keep the energy in Oklahoma. The project is expected to employ 150 to 200 people temporarily and  less than ten, well-paid full time employees. 

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